702 RC Raceway Breaking News: High Rollers On-Road RC Race, July 14 & 15, 2018

After much back and forth deliberations, we are going to listen to our racers and make the High Rollers On-Road Race a 2-day race.  Friday will remain all day practice ($15).  So we’ll do 2 qualifiers and A1 main on Saturday, July 14.  On Sunday, July 15, we will do A2 and A3 mains.  Fastest 10 in the class will make it to the A-Mains.  No bumps up, but the winners of the B-mains will get an award.  We also want to announce that PROTOform and Gravity RC will co-sponsor the race and provide raffle prizes.  So add a little more time on those travel arrangements, we promise it will be worth the extra day.

Huge thanks to our Sponsors: PROTOform and Gravity RC

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