702 RC Raceway Track News:

This Saturday, Feb 25, will bring the 2nd race of the “Super Saturday” On Road race series.  The first race went great with a lot of racing and fun with the VTA’s and the 12 scale cars highlighting the show.

We will talk about this in the drivers meeting, but we’ll put it here first.  Race format will remain our normal 2 qualifiers and 1 main.  We considered changing the schedule for starting and racing, but we will stay with the 10am opening and the 2pm racing time for now.  We feel that if we are more diligent on the marshaling and the adherence to our 2 minutes between heat rules, we can have the racing completed at a decent time.   We have 2 minutes between heats to get racers off the stand and on the stand and racers out to marshal, No asking for racers time during qualifiers, after racing, exit right side of drivers stand and use car rack, go immediately to marshaling.  We always try to avoid back  to backs, but by chance, if you are running back to back, have the forethought to have your second car on the car rack so you can get it right back on the track after your initial race.  You will be responsible to provide a marshal if you can’t marshal.  Make this arrangement before you need the marshal, don’t wait until after you need one.   If you’re in the pits and can volunteer marshal, please help out your fellow racers to keep the program going.  Bottom line, we will not wait, we will keep the program going. We want everyone to have fun and race to your hearts content. We don’t want to discourage anyone from running more than just one class, we want to encourage our racers to race more than one class a race day, but its your responsibility to be ready to race and marshal.  This also applies to the off-road program as well.

Wednesdays are still scheduled for racing, but what we do with that on road time is totally up to the ones who come out.  If we don’t race, we’ll practice until 9pm.

We announced that Max Kuenning will be at our track next weekend, March 4-5.  That means that we’ll not have “Sunday Funday” off road racing on March 5, as it will be an on road day only.  Again, Max will be here to mainly run at our track, but will provide some help if you want on tuning and painting tips.

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