702 RC Raceway Track News: On-Road Class Clarification

The information released yesterday has to be explained. The 13.5 expert class is for local club racing only. It is a class that some of our drivers have ask us to create. If a driver wants to run 17.5, then of course, they can run 17.5. It isn't mandatory to run 13.5. So we will designate that class as 17.5 to avoid confusion on the local level.

As far as the High Rollers On-Road Race and other national races go, there is still an expert 17.5 class and Sportsman 17.5. There is no 13.5 class. We understand the overall implications of changing a class, but it is not our intent to try to change things nationally, again, only locally at our track for our local racers. We will still run all the classes that are ran nationally. Fliers were not change, they are still correct.

This is also true for the GT12 USA Spec class. This class was not created to change things for the 12th scale class nationally. Enough racers wanted to run it here at our track. We still run the 12th scale 17.5 and MOD class for those who want to run those classes at any of our local and national races.

At #Da702 we have always had the policy of separating big classes and combining small classes. In detail, that means that if a class has enough drivers to make two classes based on skill levels, we will separate the class and make a sportsman and expert class. If the class isn't big enough to do that, they all run together. This changes whenever there's a need. Every race day is different. If we get more or less of a certain race class, we will re-classify that class that day. We've always been flexible in that manner.

We apologize for being unclear about the information. We want you to come to the track and have fun, part of the fun is racing in a class that you like. So we make adjustments to fit those needs. Every track does this. Hopefully we explained this in a more clear manner, but If you have any questions, contact us directly, and we will try to explain it more if you like.

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