702 RC Raceway Track News: Week of Apr 14 – Apr 18

This is the addendum to the 2021 rules for the TCS race at Da702.

Tires: The GT1, GT2, GTE, and GT PRO Spec classes will run any Tamiya C compound tire. The other touring classes can run the A, B, or C compound tires. The M chassis class will run the Tamiya/RIDE 33M Pre-Mounted and Glued Tire. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/tiresspareoption/rc-m-chassis-pre-glued-tires-3/60mm-ride-sc-33m-2pcs/ (item #26301). The F1 class can use any Tamiya F1 rubber tires. The Euro-Trucks will run the kit tire. The TDK Gen 2 tire sauce is the only sauce allowed if you choose to use a tire conditioner.

Motors: The Reddy fixed timing 13.5 is the motor for GT1. The Reddy fixed timing 17.5 is the motor for GT2 and GTE. With the exception of F1, which will use any ROAR-approved 25.5 motors, all other classes will run the Reedy fix timing 21.5 motors.

Euro-Truck: There has been a lot of questions asked about this class, so let’s clear up a few things. At the tech table, we will have a device to check your rollout to make sure that you’re running the correct pinion and spur gear. Tires that have been ballooned, thus changing a rollout for more top speed, will not be allowed to pass through tech. If you don't pass the roll-out inspection, you will not race. They’ll be no gluing over the vent hole to change the tire size during the race. You are allowed to use a fan on the motor. If the cab comes off your truck, that is a disqualification per Da702 house rules. We will be keeping an eye out throughout the day for any discrepancies and as per the overall rules, we will make a final decision on any questionable truck.

Wednesday, Apr 14 – Off-road practice.  Doors open at 1pm and close at 9pm.

Thursday, Apr 15 –  Off-road practice.  Doors open at 1 pm and close at 6 pm. New layout installed for the TCS race.

Friday, Apr 16 – TCS on-road practice ($12).  This practice is open to all, not just Tamiya cars. Doors open at 10 pm, close at 9 pm.

Saturday, Apr 17 -. Doors open at 8 am, and seeding (3min) starts between 11 am and 12noon. 2 Qualifiers (5 min) start at 1 pm. Doors close at 4 pm

Sunday, Apr 18 –  TCS Finals Triple A-Mains. Doors open at 8 am, Triple-A mains starting at 10 am. Doors close at 4 pm

Upcoming Races:

Sin City Off-Road Series. The dates are Apr 25. May 2, 16, Jun 6, 13, 27.

Las Vegas Gran Prix - Spring Edition - 2021 - May 29, 2021

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