702 RC Raceway Track News: Week of April 19 to April 23

Wednesday, April 19 – On-Road practice and racing.  Because the Tamiya Championship Series is here this weekend, there will be no regular on-road club racing Saturday.  This means Wednesday is the only day to on-road club race this week.

Thursday, April 20 – Off-road practice from 12noon to 9pm.  After practice, we’ll make a few changes to the track to create a layout for the TCS race this Saturday.

Friday, April 21 – All day on-road practice for the Tamiya race, from 12noon to 9pm.  Please Note: Any one is welcome to practice, not just Tamiya cars.

Saturday, April 22 – Tamiya Championship Series Race comes to Las Vegas.  Please go over the classes and rules.  Doors open at 8am, Concourse Show at 11am and racing starts at 12noon.

Sunday, April 23 – “Sunday Funday” off-road practice and racing.  Doors open at 10am, and racing starts at 2pm.

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