702 RC Raceway Track News: Week of Dec 11 – Dec 15

Its for #DaKids.  Come join us for our 10th annual Toys for Tots race this weekend.  We want to thank our sponsors, Servpro of Northern Las Vegas, Tracy Technologies and Grace Baptist Church.   Please note, you don’t have to race to bring toys, we’re asking anyone out there with the kindness in their hearts to help us out.  All toys will be given to our local kids, so we would really like to have a good showing to support our community.

Wednesday, Dec 11 – On-road practice. Doors open 1pm, tone at 6pm if we race, doors close at 9pm.

Thursday, Dec 12 –  Off-road practice.  Doors open 1pm and close at 8pm.  New layout for Toys for Tots installed

Friday, Dec 13 – Toys for Tots Off-Road Practice ($10).  Doors open at noon.  Closes at 9pm.

Saturday, Dec 14 –  Toys for Tots Off-Road Race.  Doors open at 8am, tone at 12am.  Note: All Mod classes awards will be Top 3, Everyone else Top 5 except for Novice, Top 8.

Sunday, Dec 15 –  Toys for Tots On-Road Race.  Doors open at 8am, tone at 12am.  Note:  On-road awards will be for Top 3 in each class except for Euro-Truck (Top 5).

Upcoming Races:

Toys for Tots – Dec 14-15

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