702 RC Raceway Track News: Week of Feb 19 – Feb 23

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

No Weekend racing because of NASCAR in town Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Return to regular schedule next week.   Race #4 of the Super Saturday Off-Road Series will be next week.  And because you asked for it, we have the changed the drops from 2 to 3.  So for all of you that thought you were out of the series, it only takes 4 races to qualify for the points and awards.

and we getting closer to the JConcepts National Carpet and Turf Series Race that happens next month, Mar 20-22.

Wednesday, Feb 19 – Off-road practice.  Doors open 1pm and close at 9pm.

Thursday, Feb 20 –  Off-road practice and racing.  Doors open 1pm and if racing, tone at 6pm.  close at 9pm.

Friday, Feb 21 – Closed

Saturday, Feb 22 –Closed

Sunday, Feb 23 – Closed

Upcoming Races:

Super Saturday On-Road Series:

March 20-22: JConcepts National Carpet and Turf Series Race #1

April 25-26: Tamiya Championship Race #261

Sign-ups Here

Spring is coming in May:

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