702 RC Raceway Track News: Week of Jan 16 – Jan 20

Da Season Opener of CTS4 this weekend.  Don’t forget to go to RCSignup to register and pay by Jan 15 and come to the track to get those cars dialed in.

And after the CTS race, we’re going to keep you in the on-road mindset by having our first ever Super Sunday on-road 7 race series from February to April.   So get your kitchen passes and church excuses ready!

Wednesday, Jan 16 – On-road practice and racing. Doors open at 1pm, racing starts at 630pm.

Thursday, Jan 17 –  Off-road practice.   Doors open 1pm-6pm.  Track layout for CTS will be installed, help is always appreciated.

Friday, Jan 18 – CTS4 “Da Season Opener” Practice ($10).  Doors open at 11am and close at 9pm.  Please note: We have lots of room, table and chairs, but if you have a small tables and chairs, please bring them in-case there’s not enough in the area that you chose to pit!

Saturday, Jan 19 – CTS4 “Da Season Opener”Qualifiers.  Day will consist of one seeding round and 3 qualifying rounds.  Doors open at 7am, racing starts at 10am.

Sunday, Jan 20 –  CTS4 “Da Season Opener” Mains.  Doors open at 7am, tone at 10am.

Upcoming Races:

Championship Touring Series: Da Season Opener: Jan 18-20,

Super Sunday On-Road Series: February 3, 17, 24; March 10, 17, 31; April 6

Tamiya Championship Series – April 27

Spring is Coming:

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