702 RC Raceway Track News: Week of Jul 14 – Jul 18

Expect a fun, full weekend of on-road racing this weekend at the High Rollers race. New layout and Spec tires will be available Friday, July 16. also looking for 2 volunteers for Tech inspections Saturday and Sunday, hit us up at DaTrack for the details. All tech rules are on our website, if you have any questions, that will be our reference this weekend, not anywhere else. Want to reach out again and thank the sponsors for supporting this race, Schumacher and Contact tires. They have provided some great raffle prizes for this weekend, you can check them out on saturday when the raffle tickets will go on sale. If you can, we encourage you to skip the line at DaTrack and register online. There, you can pay for the practice, the race, and the raffle tickets at one convenient stop. For everyone coming out, please be safe and we'll see you at Da702!

Wednesday, Jul 14 – Off-road practice.  Doors open at 1 pm and close at 9 pm.

Thursday, Jul 15 –  Off-road practice.  Doors open at 1 pm and close at 6 pm.

Friday, Jul 16All-day practice for the High Rollers on-road race. Doors open at 11 am, and close at 9 pm. Practice is open to all on-road racers, not just the ones racing this weekend.

Saturday, Jul 17 – High Rollers On-Road Qualifiers. We'll do at least 3 qualifiers, more depends on entries. Doors open at 7 am, Concourse show at 930, tone at 10 am. Doors close at 4 pm.

Sunday, Jul 18  High rollers Triple-A mains, with bump ups. Please note, some classes may not run Triple-As, depends on the entries. We'll let you know of this Saturday after the qualifiers. Doors open at 7 am, tone at 10 am. Doors close at 4-5 pm.

Upcoming Races:

Las Vegas Summer Nights

High Rollers On-Road Race - July 17-18, 2021

Summer Classic On-Road series.

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