702 RC Raceway Track News: Week of Jun 17 – Jun 21

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The Tamiya Championship Series (TCS) is this week, Jun 19-21. This is a free race, but only for Tamiya cars and trucks. No other manufacturer allowed. The spec tires for GT-1 & GT-2 will be the Tamiya Type C tire. M-chassis will use the Tamiya/RIDE 33M Pre-Mounted and Glued Tire. F1 will use the Rush/Volante tires.

Friday, Jun 19, 11am-9pm, All day practice ($12)

Saturday, Jun 20, 8am- 5pm, Qualifiers

Sunday, Jun 21, 8am-4pm, Mains

Tires, wheels and some parts can be purchased on our website for pickup at the event: https://www.702rcracewayonlinestore.com/

Wednesday, Jun 17 – Off-road practice.  Doors open 1pm and close at 9pm.

Thursday, Jun 18 –  Off-road Vegas Summer Nights practice and racing featuring 17.5 2wd buggy. Doors open 1pm and if racing, tone at 6pm, close at 9pm.

Friday, Jun 19 – All day on-road practice. This practice is open to all on-road cars, not just Tamiya cars. Doors open 11am, close at 9pm.

Saturday, Jun 20 – Doors open at 8am. Practice until 11:30. Best of Show/Concourse at 11:30.

The concourse event provides racers an opportunity to display their artistic and creative talent. "Best of show" participants are encouraged to display an enhanced level of detail in all aspects of their vehicle's appearance. The event is a judged competition by vehicle type.

1. The following TCS class types are eligible to compete in the “TCS Best of Show Concourse Award”. F-1, M-Chassis, GT, and Euro Truck NOTE: (GT includes: GT1, GT2, GT-Spec/Novice/Pro, & FWD all together).

2. The body submitted for concourse consideration must be mounted on a fully assembled Tamiya chassis.

3. The body is not required to run in a heat race. Concourse bodies, if raced, must comply with all other rules and may not enhance the performance of the vehicle.

4. Dioramas or extra figures are not allowed during concourse judging. Driver figures inside the vehicle are permitted.

5. Wheel and tires used must be Tamiya.

6. Appearance Modifications to wheels is permitted.

7. You may only enter a best of show entry in relation to the class type that you are registered in. I.E. A racer may not enter F-1 concourse if he/she is only racing in a GT class. 8. As judges, we will look at many aspects of the finished product. Individually, we will judge your car in different categories subjectively. We will be judging on, but not limited to, itemized categories as follows: Body trim Quality of body trimming Paint How clean is the paint applied? Symmetry, clean lines, quality Wheel and tire details Mirror & body accessory details LED Light details Livery How well does the livery represent a racecar? Replica or fictitious? Interior details Does the car have an interior, LED lights, brake/exhaust/etc.

9. The winners of “Best of Show” (award for the best-looking vehicle) receive a certificate of achievement and R/C body set.

10. Every TCS participant qualifies to receive one FREE raffle ticket.

Qualifying tone starts at 12noon

A. There must be at least 5 participants in each respective class for the class to be run.

B. 5-minute qualifying heats.

C. Two qualifying heat rounds, maybe three. (Weather and time permitting)

D. IFMAR qualifying format. All cars run on individual clocks.

E. The best laps/time of each racer’s single best heat race will determine the main event qualifying order.

Sunday, Jun 21 –  Doors open at 8am, tone at 11am.

A. 6-minute main events. B. Regional TCS events run TRIPLE “A” mains for two-day events.

C. Lower Main “Bump-Ups” are left to the discretion of the regional host site. (Depends on Attendance)

D. All Main races are heads-up starts.

E. Prizes and awards are given to the top 3 in the “A” Main of each class. (Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals plus product prizes)

F. 1st place winners receive a Tamiya RC kit, 2nd place and 3rd place receive “Hop-Up” option prizes.

G. The Top Qualifier in each class receives a certificate of achievement.

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Summer Classic On-Road series 2020 - Aug 29, Sep 5, 12, 19, 29

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