702 RC Raceway Track News: Week of Jun 20 – Jun 24

Our schedule is back to normal since our expansion is almost completed.

Reminder, with the new carpet, we made some new rule changes. Chassis protectors are mandatory on all off-road vehicles, as well as shock tower protectors and shock protectors on buggies.  We have found a few vendors that you can get these items from.  We also have a few guys in town that will make shock protectors for you.  We don’t care where you get your shock tower protectors, shock protectors and chassis protectors from, just understand that you will not be allowed on the track without them, PERIOD!  The track staff will have final word on what is and what is not chassis protectors, shock tower protection,and shock protection.

We have a schedule change for our July Jamboree On-Road Series.  Due to the fact that the first scheduled day would fall on July 4th, we have moved this series back a week.  We dropped the July 4th race, but added a Aug 1st race.  Please note on your schedule

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Wednesday, June 20 – On-road practice and racing.  Doors open at 12pm, racing starts at 630pm.

Thursday, June 21 –  Off-road practice.  Doors open 12pm-900pm.

Friday, June 22 – “Friday Fever” Off-Road practice and racing.  Doors open at 12noon and racing starts at 630pm.

Saturday, June 23 –  Super Saturday On-Road practice and racing. Doors open at 10am, racing starts at 2pm

Sunday, June 24 – Race #5 of the “Sin City” Off-Road series.  Doors open at 8am, racing starts at 12noon. Please note:  This is not the last race, Race #6 will be held on July 8.

Upcoming Races:

Sin City Off-Road Race Series –  June 24, July 8

July Jamboree On-Road Point Series – July 11, 18, 25 and Aug 1

High Rollers On-Road Race – July 14

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