702 RC Raceway Track News: Week of March 8 to March 12

First, we would like to thank Max Kuenning for coming out to the track and spending the weekend with our on road guys.  Truly, a great guy and hell of a racer. He was awesome and gave us lots of good information.  We look forward to having him and other team drivers coming out to our track and promoting the hobby in the future.

We changed the layout, so prepare yourself for new challenges at our “Wednesday Night Worlds” on road program on March 8.   Saturday, March 11, will bring race #3 of the “Super Saturday On-Road Series”.   This series has been great so far.  It has produced a longer race day, so we have decided to move the race series time from 10am opening to 8am opening.  That means that we can start the racing 12 noon, not 2pm as usual.  This is only for the race series as we’ll try to have the program done in the afternoon.  Please schedule your time accordingly.  We’ll also be enforcing the minimum chassis height and the 25.5 ROAR motor list for the VTA ans F1’s as well as our usual list of items per rules.  Also, we are looking for a volunteer (on road or off road) who will not be racing this Saturday, but who can come to the track for the day and help us with Tech Inspections.

Our Off road program will resume its regular days of Thursday – practice, “Friday Fever” – racing and “Sunday Funday” – racing.  And to all our off road racers, please don’t forget to preregister for the Las Vegas Off Road Carpet Championship on our websites home page.

See you this week at “Da 702”!

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