702 RC Raceway Track News: Week of May 24 to May 28

Wednesday, May 24 – Wednesday on-road Practice and Race.  Doors open at 12noon and racing start at 630pm.

Thursday, May 25 – Off-road practice from 12noon to 9pm.

Friday, May 26 – Friday Fever off-road practice and race.  Doors open at 12noon and racing start at 630pm.

Saturday, May 27 – Super Saturday Special on-road practice and racing.  This week we’re including pit stops in the mains.  We’re will run 10 minute mains with 2 pit stops for all.  We will not race classes with 4 or less cars.  That means that we must have 5 cars to run that class Saturday.   Please Note:  This exception is for this special club race day only.  Also please pay attention to the time change this Saturday. Doors open at 9am, and racing starts at 1pm. 

Sunday, May 28 – Sunday Funday off-road practice and racing.  Doors open at 10, and racing starts at 2pm