702 RC Raceway Track News: Week of Oct 31 – Nov 4

This Sunday is the last race of the High Desert Off-Road Race Series.  Because we have had such great participation in our Novice class, we have decided to give awards to the top 5 finishers for the Novice racers.  We want to thank the parents, friends, and Novice racers for supporting this very important class.

Next week will bring a track schedule change for the IIC and IOCC events.  The schedule change will consist of on-road practice everyday beginning Wednesday, Nov. 7 – Nov. 15.  The track will open from noon until 9pm each day.  This schedule will allow you even more opportunity to get in and practice for these events.  But wait, there’s more.  For the days of this modified schedule, we will offer “Da 702 Practice Pass”.  What is it?  Instead of paying the normal practice fees of $15 per day, you can purchase Da 702 Practice Pass for $50 which will buy you 5 days of unlimited practice.  (practice days do not have to be consecutive).  WHAT A DEAL!

Wednesday, Oct 31 – On-road practice.  Doors open at 12pm, close at 9pm.

Thursday, Nov 1 –  Off-road practice.   Doors open from 12pm-9pm.

Friday, Nov 2 –  “Friday Fever” Off-Road practice and racing.  Doors open at 12noon and racing starts at 630pm if needed.

Saturday, Nov 3 – Super Saturday On-Road practice and racing. Doors open at 10am, racing starts at 2pm