702 RC Raceway Track News: Week of Sep 20 to Sep 24

Race #1 of the High Desert Off-Road RC Race Series this Sunday, Sep 24.  Sponsored by MadTown Vapor.

Layout was put in for the King of Carpet Off-Road race, but a slight change for the off-road race series.  So this will be a new layout for the on-road program.

The rules and classes for the Oval program are posted on the website.  Assisting us with this program are John Vick and Wayne Ashmore.  This is a work in progress so please understand and bare with us.  These rules and classes are base on the new TOUR rules.  Some of the rules and classes may change, but it’s the foundation of the Oval program.  We have already start getting in chassis’s and parts, with more to come later.  But please start planning your Oval fun now.

We have a few used oval chassis sliders from John Vick in the hobby shop for sale, so come and check them out.  These would be great for the 21.5 Sportsman in our oval program.  The first one we had last week only lasted a few days.

Wednesday, Sep 20 – On-road practice and racing.  Doors open at 12pm, racing starts at 630pm.

Thursday, Sep 21 – Off-road practice from 12noon to 9pm.

Friday, Sep 22 – “Friday Fever” Off-Road practice and racing.  Doors open at 12noon and racing starts at 630pm.

Saturday, Sep 23 – Super Saturday On-Road practice and racing.

Sunday, Sep 24  – Race #1 of the High Desert Off-Road RC Race Series.  Doors open at 8am and racing starts at 12pm.

Upcoming Races: