Border Wars News

We have some Border Wars news.   We’ve been contacted by some individuals about the track layout and we have decided to keep the current layout, so there will not be a layout change this week for Border Wars.   Wednesday will be on road practice and club racing as usual, along with Thursdays normal off road practice.  Friday will be Border Wars practice. Doors open at 11am for off road practice and 1630 for on road practice.  No “Friday Fever” off road practice and race.  Saturday of course will be on road Border Wars and Sunday will be off road Border Wars.  Check out the track schedule on the website for times. And please don’t forget, track rules are that all battery charging has to be done in Lipo bags.

We also would like to point out that you don’t have to race in both on road and off road races to participate in Border Wars.  You can run in any race/class you want.  We understand that some racers don’t run both programs, no worries, just bring your best for whatever class you want to race in.  For those racers, we’ll give awards to the top 3 finishers in every class.  But, they’re some of you that will run in both, on road and off road races.  For those of you that are Experts, besides the individual class race awards, there will be an overall award for those top 3 finishers (by points total).  So yes, you can take home individual class race awards as well as an overall on road and off road race award. Let us emphasize that the rules say that if two racers tie, it should also read that all that are tied at the completion of the races, will have a race off.  If its the race for the overall awards, the order of finish of that race will determine the order of the podium placement.  There will also be a traveling trophy that will be determined by the experts points total.

We want to thank Humpty (Jeff Helms) for letting us know that his racers are better than our racers whenever he got a chance too, for giving us the idea of Border Wars.  He’s also co-sponsoring the race too.  All in All, one of the best guys we’ve had the pleasure to meet and call a friend.  With the addition of racers coming up from California, this little rivalry has went beyond the little grudge match that we first anticipated,   So next year, we’ll open up Border Wars to include California, Utah, Oregon, New Mexico, Washington, Hell , the entire Western United States!  SEE WHAT YOU DONE STARTED HUMPTY!  NOW, NO ONES SAFE!!!!  MUHAHAHA!!!

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