High Rollers On-Road Race News

We’re a week away from our 2nd annual High Rollers race.  We want to detail a few items about the race.

Our policy at “Da 702”, when you buy 2 classes, you get any additional classes for free.

Next Friday, July 21, will be all day practice from 12noon to 9pm.

Classes and Rules can be found here: http://d5l.257.myftpupload.com/home/on-road-rules-and-classes/.  Please know rules for our track, as these are the rules we adhere too.  Note: we will allow open tire for the 1/12 scale class.  We use CRC purple foam tires here at Da 702, and they work great, but we will allow you to bring your own brand for this race.  Only required tires will be the RIE24025 Team Gravity USGT tire for the USGT class and the HPI VTA tire or the new PROTOform VTA tire if you’re lucky enough to get them for the VTA class.

Any specific questions can be answered by track personal via email, Facebook or phone call.

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