JConcepts Western Carpet Nationals Practice – Update

Friday, Mar 22 –  All day practice and seeding for the Western Carpet Nationals race.  Doors open at 11pm and seeding starts at 6pm.  Seeding will consist of a 3-minute practice round that takes the best 3 consecutive laps to sort for the qualifying rounds.  Doors close at 9pm.

  1. Saturday, March 23, we start  tech inspections.  So you will know what we are inspecting, you can go to our rules and classes pages.  21.5 Independent buggy will fall under the same rules as 2WD buggy.

  2. Tires sauce (SXT) will not be allowed during this event.

  3. If you paid for your race on line via PayPal, please have your receipt ready as proof of payment.  It will be much quicker to check in.  If you don’t have it, no problem, just expect a little time to check in until we find your information.

  4. Please leave your name, class and transponder number when you sign in if we don’t already have that information in our system.

  5. Seating arrangements are 6-7 to a table.  3 on each side, and some tables have a end table that will seat one person.  Please be courteous to others and abide by this so we can seat as many racers as we can.

  6. Raffle tickets will go on sale today, 1 for $5 and 5 for $20, and can be purchase throughout the weekend.  Please stop at the Hobby shop and take a look at all the fantastic items that our sponsors have provided.

  1. Let the sponsors know that you appreciate their support and gifts.  They are the reason we have the opportunity to race this weekend.

  1. Tires went on sale Thursday, and you will be limited to 4 sets on your first purchase until everyone has had a chance to buy them.  After everyone has their first allotment, you can buy more tires at your leisure.

  2. Tables can be reserved for the weekend.  We also ask that locals bring small tables and chairs in-case we need any additional space.

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