Las Vegas RC Gran Prix Pictures

Vaughn J’s USGT getting weighed.

F1 Concourse Competition

Mike S with his USGT

USGTs getting ready to GO!

Eric getting focused

It’s all good in “O’s” neighborhood

Matt thinking about getting into on-road. Just do it!

Eric getting focused for his run

Oh so nice!

Rhonda ain’t playing. Girl POWER!

Can I get an Amen?

Mike S “I got this man!”

Is Grand Pa J having a good time or what! Looking good.

O and Jeremy putting in work.

Expert discussion.

Richard. Rhonda’s pit crew.

Scott L’s fam/cheerleaders.

Damon on the lookout. Beanies’ pit crew.

Richard and Rhonda. Hanging loose.

It must be GUS, Gus G that is.

Steven J putting on the finishing touches.

Straight away, straight away! Clear!

BEST in show for F1. Mike S.

Dwayne’s BEST in show for his WGT-R. Love those lights.

Car show

F1 car show

Scott L’s USGT

Chris D’s USGT

Jeremy K’s USGT. Hey, is that wing legal?

Joe S, looking on! “I should have brought my F1”

John B’s pan car

John B’s Pit

Nick H’s Pit with his LeMans body

F1 Concourse

Too many for the table


USGT Judging

Nick H’s red F1

Scott L’s F1

Jonah G’s F1

Chris D’s USGT

Dwayne B’s WGT-R

F1 Concourse Row

USGT Concourse Row

Hector M’s F1

Beanie N’s F1

Scott L’s USGT

Jonah G’s USGT

Mike S’s USGT

Gus G calling the Concourse Competition

Mike S, “Best in Show” for F1 and USGT

Nick H’s USGT

Hector M’s USGT

Cirilo G’s Pit

Rhonda’s Mechanic Richard hanging out by Vaughn’s USGT

Experts Row

Dwayne B’s Pit

Dwayne B’s USGT


Jeremy K’s USGT

Jeremy K’s USGT

Gus G’s USGT bodies

Steve J’s USGT and Sedan bodies


Boris stopping by to marshall.

Rhonda’s pit

Scott L with daughter on podium for first place Sportsman USGT

John B’s second place WGT-R

Mike S, 3rd place WGT-R

Scott L, 1st place USGT

WGT-R, Cirilo G. 1st Place, John B. 2nd place and Mike S. 3rd place

Cirilo G, 1st place WGT-R

Hector M’s 1st place Expert F1

Oscar S’s 2nd place Expert F1

Expert F1

Mike S, 3rd place Sportsman F1

Chris D, 2nd place Sportsman F1

Scott L, 1st place Sportsman F1

Oscar S., 3rd place Expert USGT

Expert USGT

Jeremy K., 3rd place Sportsman USGT

Mike S., 3rd place Sportsman USGT

Sportsman USGT

Jonah G, 1st place Expert USGT

Hector M, 2nd place Expert USGT

Ahhh, guys

Cirilo G, 1st place WGT-R

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