Pre-orders – Mugen MTC1 1/10 EP Touring Car

Mugen is proud to announce the all new MTC1 1/10 EP Touring Car. After weeks of various press releases spread all over the internet we are in production and the kit will be released at the end of July 2017.

Features of MTC1:

–       Dual belt drive train.

–       Aluminum diff housing with ball raced outdrive cups.

–       Laser etched diff housing and shock dampers for viscosity identification.

–       Intelligent caster adjustment system.

–       Zero tweak flex system.

–       Adjustable body positioning front to back and well as height adjustment.

–       Big bore shocks

–       Front double joint drive shafts.

–       Steel rear drive shafts.

–       Low friction pulleys.

–       Ball raced sway bars.

–       One-piece motor mount.

–       Fully adjustable narrow steering system.

–       Aerodynamic front bumper.

–       Fully adjustable suspension (camber, toe, caster, wheelbase, track width, roll center, diff / spool height, and steering angle).

We are taking pre-orders now, but only until July 9, 2017, so please see us at 702 RC Raceway or respond to us via email at: and we will get your order in.  Exclusively from “Da 702”, you will get a Mugen Seiki T-shirt or hat, when you purchase your pre-ordered MTC1 kit.  This kit will sell very fast so to insure you get one on the first shipment that we receive, please get your order in.

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