“Super Saturday” On Road Series News

This upcoming Saturday is the first race of the “Super Saturday” On Road Series. With the a lot of you telling us that you want to bring in some first time racers, we will bring back the novice class, and that class will be only $10 per entry.

25.5 motor news.  Because of last weeks Snowbirds and the upcoming ROAR Nationals, the availability of the 25.5 motors has been low, to non-existent.  So we will not enforce the ROAR motor list for the first 2 races in February.  But you will need to have your preferred motors by March, 1, 2017.  We have made contact with many of the manufactures and have been told that the motors should be available by that time.  Below, you will find the ROAR 25.5 motor list.

Stock/25.5 SpecHobbywingHobbywingNA-Just Stock 3650 G2-PN:30408008-10/21/2016 OEM w/12.3 rotor, PN30820014. This is the ONLY rotor approved for this wind. Oct 21, 2016

Stock/25.5 SpecMOTIVMOTIVRC-M-Code 2-MOV1025525-01/14/2017+(listed option rotor) OEM w/MOV1301-S 12.3 (12.3mm) rotor. Can also use MOV1300 (12.3mm) rotor. These are the ONLY rotors legal for competition in this motor.Jan 14, 2017

Stock/25.5 SpecHobby AuthorityHobby AuthorityMaclan Racing MRR 25.5T-PN MCL1018, OEM w/ 12.3mm Rotor (red cap)May 31, 2016Stock/25.5 SpecHobbywingHobbywingHobbywing NA-XeRUN V10 Black G2-PN 30401101, OEM w/ 12.mmx25.5mmx7.3 Rotor (PN 3080007)May 31, 2015Stock/25.5 SpecMOTIVMOTIVRC-M-Code-MOV10255S. Note OEM Rotor MOV1300 S – 12.3mm rotor is the only rotor approved for this 25.5 wind.November 18, 2015Stock/25.5 SpecTeam ScreamTeam ScreamTSR25.5 OEM with “F1” (12.3mm) SPEC rotor. This is the only rotor that can be used in this wind.February 9, 2016Stock/25.5 SpecTekinTekinRedline Gen3-RPM-TT2701. OEM w/TT2719 Rotor. This 12.3 rotor is the only rotor that can be used with this wind. ORM w/ 0.8-1.05mm nodal ringJune 24, 2016Stock/25.5 SpecTrincorpTrincorpREVTECH 24K REV1804. OEM w/ TEP1117m12.3mm rotor. This is the only rotor approved for this wind.May 13, 2016

Stock/25.5 SpecFantomFantomFantom Racing-FR-1 V2-FAN 19476S, T, W-11/12/2016  OEM with FAN19592 (12.3mm) SPEC rotor. This is the only rotor that can be used in this wind for 25.5T competition.Nov 12, 2016

Novak SS25.5 Pro brushless motor (pn:3425V) or Ballistic 25.5 (pn:3625V-stator only pn:S6625) Club (pn:3331) or Boss (pn:3626V) are grandfathered in and also legal

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