Super Sunday On-Road Series Update: Race Format and Event T-Shirts

We’ve decided to change our normal race format of 2 qualifiers and one main, to one 3 minute qualifier with 3 mains.  You will be seeded by the fastest of the 3 minute qualifier.  Of course, the fastest driver (Laps/Times) of the 3 minute qualifier will get TQ, and an extra bonus point to go towards the total race points.  The finishing order in the mains will be set by the best combined finishing position of the 3 mains.  The tie breaker will be the total laps/time of the best 2 finishing position runs.

How about race series T-Shirts to the winner of each class of the series, not the individual races, but the entire series.  These shirts will only be given to the winners of each class with the “class and number one” on them at the awards ceremony along with the plaques, so they will be one of a kind!  Regular event t-shirts can be ordered and purchased from the hobby shop and will be given out at the awards ceremony.  We are looking in to doing this for all the racing events at Da 702!

Any questions can be answered at the hobby shop or via email or Facebook.

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