Tamiya Championship Series will be in Las Vegas in 2 Weeks

We have two weeks before the TCS series will come to the 702 RC Raceway facility in Las Vegas.  We are encouraging all drivers who owns Tamiya cars to come out and have fun.

Lets go over some details.

This race is only for Tamiya cars.

This TCS Race is free to all Tamiya Drivers.  Please go to https://www.rccarevents.com/event.cfm?id=2649 and register for free and also receive a free T-Shirt when you do.

The TCS series primarily runs 7 different classes within its product line. The 2017 classes are: 1. M-Chassis (21.5 brushless power) 2. F-1 (25.5 brushless power) 3. GT-2 (17.5 brushless power) Note: small indoor tracks will use 21.5 for the GT-2 class 4. GT-1 (13.5 brushless power) Note: small indoor tracks will use 17.5 for the GT-1 class 5. GT-Spec Novice (Mabuchi motor. This class is for your novice racers) 6. GT PRO Spec This is a class aimed at ANY skill level hobbyist looking for a Low-Cost Spec racing class. It also allows Novices to grow with their TT-02 car and it keeps things fun at a low cost for experienced hobbyists. 7. Euro Semi-Truck (box stock) This is a pure box stock class aimed for new and veteran hobbyists while keeping the class cheap and fun.

Rules can be found here: https://www.tamiyausa.com/tcs/rules.php#.WOgdoqK1uUk

Race Schedule:

Thursday, April 20, Track Layout Change after Off Road practice

Friday, April 21, all day practice for the Tamiya Race. Doors open at 12 noon, and close at 9pm.

Saturday, April 22, TCS Race.  Doors open at 8am, Concourse Show at 11am and racing starts at 12noon.

Award Ceremony and podium pictures immediately following mains.

NOTE: We still have a few TA-07’s, TT-02’s and Mini Cooper’s on sale for this event.

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