Track News, Jan-16

Some track news.

“Friday Fever” is off road racing. Open at noon, 630pm racing.

Saturday on road hours have changed. Doors open at noon, and racing starts at 6pm.

Sunday is “Sunday Funday” for off road racing. Hours are the same, doors open at 10am, and racing starts at noon.

A new layout will be in Tuesday, Feb 2. We will have more jumps, landings and obstacles for the off road format.

Our on road point series will start Saturday, Feb 13, 2016.  Its a 7 race series with 3 drops, and 4 races to qualify for the awards.  Dates on the website calendar.

We’ll have our initial off road race event in May.  It’s the Las Vegas Off Road Carpet Championship.

We are in discussion about creating on road racing on Wednesday nights.  That would give our program 2 racing days for each format, one during the week and one during the weekend, and one practice day each.

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