Track News – LiveTime Updates

We had Brandon and Eric from LiveTime come out today and help us with our LiveTime software.  We had our decoder box upgraded along with the newest version of LiveTime software.  They made improvements to the graphics and the video which you will see next time you log into LiveTime online as well as our monitors at the track.  With this change, we are now able to use the MyLaps 3-wire transponders.  But, unfortunately, we have some bad news with this upgrade.  The new timing system is no longer able to support the older MRT transponders with the blue light.

Please note, the newer system is still compatible with ALL MyLaps transponders as well as the newer MRT transponders.  We have wanted to do this for a while now, as the newer 3-wire transponders are less-expensive than the two wire MyLaps and gives more information to the LiveTime software.  Also a lot of our out of town racers are more accustomed to having the 3-wire transponders, and it will make it easier for them to run at our track.  So, if you have a blue light MRT transponder, you will have to replace it.  You can buy a 3 wire transponder from LiveTime here.  LiveTime also has a transponder upgrade program where you can get $25 credit if send them your old MRT transponder when you buy a new MyLaps 3-wire transponder, which brings the cost of the transponder to $59.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and cost that this may cost you, but eventually all the MRT transponders will not be compatible with the MyLaps Hardware, so we felt its time to make the change now.   Until May 5, if you have a MRT transponder with the blue light,  you can use a house transponder for free until you can get your replacement.

We want to give a huge thanks to Brandon and Eric for coming out and helping us with this transition.

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