Track Notice: Tire Sauce and Chassis Protectors

Please “DO NOT” put your car, buggy, truck, or anything that you use sauce (Tire Conditioner) on, down on the track with WET tires. This goes for on-road and off-road programs. There are burn-out boxes and a burn-out table you can use to get the excess tire sauce off of your tires. You all know what we’re talking about, so there won’t be any excuses if you are found doing this. No “My Bad” or “Oh Yea” on this, you will be asked to leave the track and building at that moment. Tire sauce will not be allowed for the JConcepts NCTS and King of Carpet Races. Reminder, all off-road vehicles “ARE REQUIRED” to have some form of chassis protection to protect the carpet from the screws and edges. Its simple, help us keep our track in the best possible condition by adhering to the rules.