Track Update: COVID 19


JConcepts Race:  There have been several inquiries regarding the upcoming race scheduled for next weekend.  We have been in communications with JConcepts and are in agreement that the race IS NOT cancelled and will move forward as planned.

To-date, according to the CDC, the entire state of Nevada is reported to have only 5 cases of COVID 19, two of which are up North in Washoe County.

The management of 702 RC is taking precautions to provide a safe and clean environment for our customers by providing hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes for your use at the track.  But we ask that you help us mitigate the possible spread of any contamination by being responsible, by having your own wipes and hand sanitizers if possible.  If you’re sick or suspect you may be sick, please stay home and out of the public until you know that you are well.  We are a small group of people where everyone knows everyone, and we feel that we can continue our hobby in a responsible manner if we all do what’s right.   We ask that the CDC guidelines listed below be followed by everyone. Thank You

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