Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

What a fantastic dinner with some of “Da Family”! Thank you all for coming out, and for those who couldn’t make it, we will personally thank you the next time you make it to “Da 702”!  We gave gift bags with special event T-Shirts and a little track “Da Merch” inside.

Again, none of this would be possible without all of your help. We thank you for your contribution in helping us provide a great place to have fun.   Everyone helped where ever they could, but among all the jobs that were, everyone had their specialty.

Da Courier (pickup and delivery, drivers stand and ramp), Da TMZ (media, motivator, but please, no power tools), Da Barr’s (Welding Master), Da Tariq, Da Teacher (Comedy Relief), Da Instructor (Floor Master), Da North (Floor Master), Da Trish (Excel Master), Da Kim, Da Grand Pa Jay (Picasso, Rembrandt), Da O (Wall Master, Floor Master), Da Lil O, Da Pennsylvania Flash, Da Val (Snacks), Da Dilly Dilly (Welding Master), Da Blythe (Floor Master), Da Marquez (Da Trailer), Da Chan (Floor Master),  Da Mecee (Inventory), Da Italian Stallion (Floor Master), Da Fletch (Inventory), Da Strohberry (Da Connection), Da Dez (Inventory), Da Pastor Good (Electrician), Da Papa Flash (Floor Master), Da Strasser (Floor General), Da Lower Case g (Floor Master), Da Ray Ray (Floor Master), Da Big Hurt (Floor Master, UBER), Da Hillbilly (Hire Wire), Da Viper (Floor Master), Da Sponseller, Da DJ (Da Banners), Da Bish (Floor Master), Da Mitch (Floor Master), Da Senior (Welder, Fork Lift Borrower), Da Junior (Junior Welder), Da Steve (Clean-Up), Da Montes (Pickup, Delivery, Paint and Maintenance), Da Champ (Welder, Metal Supplies, Clean Up, Maintenance), Da Mom of the Champs (Inventory), Da Tracys (T-Shirt Logo & Stickers, Pictures, Inventory, IT), Da Jereds + baby (Floor Master, Inventory, Wall Master, Cuteness), and all “Da Family” members that gave their loved ones permission to help a little ole RC Track in Las Vegas with time, effort, money, and support.

We tried our best to mention everyone who did anything to make this MONUMENTAL move a success. please remember, there were a lot of people in and out of both locations, so our apologies if we have forgotten anyone.  If we have, please chime in and make yourself known.