West Coast Carpet Oval Season Opener – 2017/2018

Here is what you need to know about the WEST COAST SEASON OPENER. There will be practice Friday into the night around 10pm to include seedings. The race is Saturday only. I will post the schedule tomorrow. We have Three main classes we are trying to fill. First novice pan (21.5 break out), 21.5 tour truck, and 17.5 super stock . All three classes are TOUR rules based. Break out will use the same motor and battery as truck and same purple stripe tires. Sprint cars will be 17.5 blinky 2s ( we would like people on the purple stripe BSR tires. But will let your run any foam tire. ( no rubber or pan car tires on the Sprint cars ). Please feel free to FB me or get a hold via text. If you would not mind putting in the comments .

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